Art and Sewing Unite

The Peony Art Exhibit, held in conjunction with the Wisconsin Arts and Peony Festival, takes place at the Dodge County Center for the Arts. Each year, artists from all over gather to showcase their talent in their Peony Art Exhibit and Competition. What sets their competition apart is its inclusivity—artists are free to express themselves using any medium they choose, resulting in a diverse array of stunning works of art. From intricate paintings to captivating sculptures, the possibilities are endless. Here, we not only celebrate the artistic spirit but also the vibrant allure of peonies, which serve as both muse and subject. Below, you’ll find a glimpse into the captivating submissions and exhibited pieces from their 2023 show, each one a testament to the beauty of art and nature intertwining. Please view our full schedule of events HERE. 

Peony Art Exhibit & Gallery Show

at the Dodge County Center for the Arts

Celebrating 40 Years of Sewing with Nancy

Quilt Challenge Exhibit

Welcome to the Celebrating 40 Years of Sewing with Nancy Quilt Challenge Exhibit, presented by Nancy Zieman Productions and PBS Wisconsin, as part of The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show. This extraordinary quilt show, held in conjunction with the Wisconsin Arts and Peony Festival, finds its home at the Dodge County Center for the Arts. Quilters hailing from both within and beyond Wisconsin eagerly participate in this challenge, showcasing their skill and creativity through their meticulously crafted quilts. As you explore the exhibit, prepare to be captivated by the artistry and dedication woven into each quilt. Don’t miss the traditional bed turning event scheduled for Saturday at 11 am and 1 pm, where the rich stories behind these quilts come to life. Originating as a social tradition, bed turnings offer a unique opportunity to appreciate the craftsmanship and narrative behind each cherished quilt, as they are delicately revealed, one by one. Join us in celebrating the intersection of artistry, tradition, and community at this special event during the Wisconsin Arts and Peony Festival. Quilts shown below are from the 2023 event. 

Harmonious Threads:

The Leckrone - Levenhagen Jacket Showcase

Uncover the legendary legacy of the former UW Marching Band Director, Mike Leckrone, and immerse yourself in the extraordinary craftsmanship of Lois Levenhagen at the Harmonious Threads exhibit, a highlight of the Wisconsin Arts and Peony Festival. Hosted at the prestigious Nancy Zieman Sewing Studio & Quilt Shop Event Space from June 7th to 9th, this showcase proudly presents 25 of Leckrone’s iconic concert jackets, each meticulously sewn by Levenhagen, a lifelong Beaver Dam resident with a rich sewing history. Delve deep into the narrative behind these distinctive garments, which have adorned numerous stage performances, and don’t miss their special guest appearances, alongside a performance from the UW Marching Band on Sunday at 1 pm at the Dodge County Historical Society, where attendees can personally meet Mike and Lois. Be sure to bring your own lawn chairs and blankets, as seating is limited. Prepare to be enchanted by this unparalleled fusion of music, artistry, and local craftsmanship, enhanced by a captivating performance by the UW Marching Band. All photos appearing in the video below are courtesy of the Daily Citizen.